Elder’s Digest was founded in 1994. This magazine is precisely designed to attend to the needs of local church leaders around the world and to keep them informed and connected.

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Christ Is the Mediator of All Things — S. Joseph Kidder and Katelyn Campbell Weakley

What is the work of mediation in the Old Testament? What is the work of mediation in the person of Jesus Christ?

Dealing with Conspiracy Theories — Frank M. Hasel

Here are 8 pointers that can help when talking with someone who believes in conspiracy theories. 

Exercise the Muscle of Delight — Zanita Fletcher

How can we learn to take delight in the small pleasures in life which are so easy to overlook? 

Deacons and Deaconesses as Care Givers to the Sick and Needy — Vincent E. White, Sr.

The history of deacons and deaconesses working alongside nurses and other health care professionals. 

A Consecrated Ministry - Part 1 — Ellen G. White

What is the value of a soul? What are the priorities of life and ministry? How do we live a consecrated life of selfless service?

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