Elder’s Digest was founded in 1994. This magazine is precisely designed to attend to the needs of local church leaders around the world and to keep them informed and connected.

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Ministering to the Traumatized — Torben Bergland

What are the symptoms and common causes of trauma? Who are the most vulnerable to becoming traumatized? What do the traumatized need, and where is God in all of this?

Learning to Bless Buddhists — Gregory P. Whitsett

What is Buddhism? Is there a specific way to reach Buddhists? How should we minister to and share the truth with Buddhists?

When God’s People Pray — Jerry N. Page

The transformation experienced by an elder and his church through prayer. A summary of the awakenings that this elder discovered that transformed his life and the who...

Editorial - When an Elder is an Elder — Anthony R. Kent

A personal story about an inspiring elder. The need for elders, deacons, and deaconesses. A call to action.

Reaching the Heart of “The Ox” — AWR Staff

How a commander in a well-organized anti-government drug cartel came to know Jesus through the ministry of an Adventist World Radio evangelist.

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